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Great app

I love this app. I can actually talk about my problems without being judged. The users are so supportive, and weezy is absolutely amazing

Great app! ✨

I've been on the app for over 3 years & love it. You can meet awesome people, get great advice, & give your advice as well. You can also have fun just being yourself without judgement. 💕☺️


Everyone who helps with this app is amazing. Everyone is so kind as well, if you tend to have problems...YOU SHOULD DOWNLOAD THE APP!! Not only that, they listen to the feedback and such. To top it off the huge update was a huge improvement for Journals!


I receive this message when trying to post. "There was an issue with your request (potentially connection related). Please try again..." My device is connected to wifi and mobile data connections.


If you feel like you don't want to share your thoughts with your Facebook friends because they might get tired of your problems, or if you feel like you can't talk to no one, THIS IS THE APP FOR YOU. Ask, read, and voice your opinions! To strangers. Much better than your dairy. When you want someone to respond to your thoughts and problems. I've used this app way back then when it first was developed! I stop a little because the app had technical issues, it won't work, it sucked, I stop using it. Since then I've been looking for the app! I finally found it again! Yes. 😊

Wat the heck happened!!

It's a great app but now all these random ppl are answering the questions and it ain't automatically on anonymous anymore I think it should go back to the way it was before


I started using this app today and I love it! I'm still figuring things out but I already know that it's really cool and full of great people! (One note: Can the loading bar that pops up at the top of the screen just not exist? I just kind of dislike it. Or perhaps just change it to a smaller thing? Sorry for this but I suppose you can't please everyone, right?)

It was great but...

I don't like the new update. Not many people on this app can access iOS 8 so that lost the app a ton of people. I liked how it was, the update is difficult and i just don't enjoy it that much. Great app, great people, great service and advice, bad update

i used to love it

it doesnt have a way to find out what an old username was if you forgot and its not letting me make a new one it says its because of connection problems but my connection is fine.


I don't have iOS 7, so I cant do a lot of things on the app. I can't afford a new iPod or phone or anything :( please make it compatible with iOS 6.

Love the app but..

Nothing working. I can log in and go to my profile but I can't update it. I can get I it it but when I click save it keeps saying 'unable to update'. Same with the profile picture. Also when I go into my post history and click one it won't load anything..

Great app! Forgot username?!?!

I LOVE THIS APP, but I was a previous user and I had to delete the app due to a storage issue, and now I forgot my username!!! I've noticed there is no option for this! Please fix this!!

Amazing. From Zion (weird or muzik grl)

This app is so much more then a social networking site.and I just wanted to say thank you. Thank you for creating our place. It is such an amazing community, where people are really able to be themselves. I just feel so loved and excepted here, like no matter what happens I always have some of the nicest most excepting people I've ever met there to catch me. Everyone on op is like a second family to me and I love you all. Again thank you for creating OP weezy. Ur amazing ~weird If you do download op, hallmate me:) id love to show you around

Fix it pls

I love this app so much but every time I go to put my email in the new little thing I just logs me off now I can't do anything like chat or respond to comments and stuff


This app has helped me learn and grow. Everyone on here is super nice and weezy gives the best advice ever! There may be some younger people who give advice but they can be really helpful and if you only want advice from an adult, just ask weezy or Jennie. The app is soooooo great and I would recommend it to any tween or teen going through anything that they feel they need help or advice with! However, please stop crashing!

The people here...

Came for advice, left still needing it. They call it "Our Place" but some people think it's "MY Place" My friend needed advice, and they threw a rule book at him and gave him a bunch of negative responses. He NEVER got his advice, we both left for good. I thought it was good at first, but no one gives good advice (if ANY) and are super rude. They care more about the Ity Bity rules that don't even matter than someone's heart, and from what I heard, their LIFE. If you want advice, ask someone you can trust that won't go on and on about random crap. DON'T get it. You'll regret it.

Bad app

Creepy stalker perverts are waiting to trick teens to tell them person info. Also people tricking each other to cuss and later get band. Trust me this is from my experience with my sister.

By mellojellobuddy

This app has helped me and my friends through tough times and I have grown to love it you can feel comfortable asking questions you wouldn't want to ask a therapist or your parent there are support lines and the amazing (drum roll please) WEEZY! She answers all types of questions and is very kind. There is so many people that support and help you. Now I know I'm not alone and it's great! I can be myself around others who accept you for who you are and care what you think. Every week there is Our Place Out Loud where you can ask questions and share your thoughts. Or if your feeling a little Role Play we have that too you can Role Play other users and use your own characters. What about venting? Wallowing in self pity? Cheer yourself up by telling others your problems and getting a reasonable solution. Have a major crush? Tell us how he/she treats you! A mean sister or a grumpy cousin? Find out the best way to deal with them! Group chat with other placers and make some new friends. There is so much you can do. Start a club! Begin a class! I can't even name if all haha! Some come join ourplace and make it your place too!!!!! Ps hallmate me on the app at mellojellobuddy

Love Thiiissss! 💗

This app is amazing for kids and teenagers. It's a great way to get answers to advice and meet few friends. You must download. You can chat, role play, and be yourself! :)

Best social media app ever!

This is the best social media app ever! It's amazing! Weezy, the lady who answers the questions has wonderful advice to share and is very understanding and you can just open up to her anytime! And she always answers! I highly recommend this app to anyone that needs wonderful advice!

Amazing app!

This is a wonderful app full of amazing people! You can get advice on pretty much anything! But it's not only advice, you can Role Play, Make or Join a club, or Chat about many different subjects like Pets or Anime. Everyone on this app is so generous and caring. I've made so many friends throughout this app. Download Our place!

I ♥️OP! It is the best app I've ever had!

~Our Place Username: Holly774 (a.k.a. Angel) I love Our Place! It is an awesome app! I can be myself, and everybody is kind. I love Our Place Academy too. The people are so kind! I've made a lot of friends. I love the Advice section. In Creativity, I can make songs and poems, and everybody gives kind opinions. In Ask Weezy I can ask *anything*. Something that could be fixed: 1.) The app keeps asking for my e-mail address. It gets so annoying. Can you please fix this? I really would appreciate it. Thanks for such a wonderful app! 😀


Ok, everyone on earth needs this app. I've been a member for over a year, and it is NOT full of annoying little kids. It's full of kind, caring teens and pre-teens that are so much fun to talk to and are great friends. There are rules (that any respectable app should have) that keep the app safe so anyone can join. Download Our Place today!!!

Best app on my iPhone. By far.

This forum, community, social network, or whatever you want to call it has become like a second home to me. I can always turn here if I need advice, want to vent, want to chat with others or make new friends, play games and polls, write in my diary, and SO much more. I highly recommend its app if you need support or just want to hang out with all the other users.

Join Now!

Okay, Our Place is amazing. Beyond amazing. It's pretty much incredible. There is always people on, so you never get bored. And once you first join, people always welcome you. No one judges you, and if someone does that person is given a warning! But I have not once haven anyone say anything mean to me. Anyway, you need to join. It really helps you with everything, from depression, to pubery, and even to sexuality! There is roleplaying, and a online academy! ( Don't worry, you don't have homework! ) So, once again, Download this app!


It's awesome .... Just crashes a lot


This is a great app, it helps A LOT and in case u r worried about safety, it is totally safe for everyone, so dont worry!!! i would give it a 🌟10 but they only have five so,😊

My favorite app !!

I get on this app everyday and the users on this app are so kind. The advice I get helps me out a lot , thanks so much for making this app, whoever is reading this download it!


I feel bad for making this the first bad review in a while, but I'm not going to give an app full of rude people and trolls 5 stars. No way. This app is supposed to be 'friendly'? I don't see much that's friendly about it. Your opinion isn't accepted at all here. You'll only get banned. But before you get banned, you'll get jumped on by all the 'leaders'. Yeah, it's bad.

Amazing Advice!

I think the app is awesome! It's a creative idea, for ALL ages. While some people might get mad because their questions don't get answered, most of the time that's just because it's inappropriate, and usually they get directed to somewhere that can answers. Even if you don't need advice, you can give it, too! And if you and help with anything yet, there's a chat section, too. As long as you follow the rules, you can really have a great time on the app!

Love it

Great update. Very nice love the people.


I love this app so much! Everyone on this app is just so amazing and kind, some of the best advice I've ever gotten is on this app! There's also so much you can do, such as writing stories, asking for advice and even RP'ing! (Role play!) I would defently recommend this app to anyone who needs advice or needs a creative outlet!


It was a good app until it started messing up and asking for my email over and over and over


It stopped glitching and I love the app! It's amazing!!

Absolutely Amazing!!

I have had this app for almost a year and the people on it are the nicest and most caring people you will ever interact with! I am so glad that I stumbled across this app. The people there helped me through thick and thin. Plus all the advice I've ever gotten from Weezy (the apps' head honcho) really helped me out. I am happy to say to anyone interested in this that Our Place is a place of acceptance and kindness. There will always be a friend there for you. As the Our Place Out Loud intro song says, "you're not alone, at Our Place." And that is definitely very true! Now for the techie part. The interface of the app is simple and understandable. You can easily adjust and adapt to using it. It rarely ever crashes. The Our Place Out Loud podcast could use some work on the live stream but overall it's really great! This app really does deserve a five star rating! (:

great app ....

this app is great but what i realy like is jow few poeple know about it so its not like spam i choose this app over ifunny

Must download

I adore this app. I love to ask questions and to just talk so this app is perfect for me. I love having social media that does not rot you brain or hurt your life. As soon as I started using it my life was changed in a great way. I have also learned many crazy, interesting facts on here. EVERYONE MUST OWN THIS APP! P.s When making your account, I suggest not to use your real name, it is still social media.


This app is a very much needed app for anyone who is going through something in their life. I have had people in my life commit suicide, and I think this app is one way to help prevent it for someone in the future. This app provides hotlines for those who need to talk to someone voice to voice, message boards for those who need a community for help, and even a personal message to the creator herself for those who need a special kind of commitment and help. Highly recommended!

No private convo

I need to be able to have a private conversation


This is a great app for advice of all kinds!!


Great app


These people are extremely nice they always know what to say when you need it. Just some quick advice DOWNLOAD THIS APP!!! You will love it.

Can't give your Kik or Skype???

App would be a lot better if you didn't keep having people say "Take your Kik/skype out of your profile" if you don't want to give then don't, if you do then give et.

I recommend this app to EVERYONE!

Going through depression? Have relationship problems? Questions about puberty? Wanting to share your poetry/story/song lyrics? Just want to talk about subjects that range from Harry Potter to parties you went to? Our Place is definitely the app for you!! It is the most friendliest and helpful app out there. Everyone is looking out for you, and it feels like family! I recommend this to everyone out there! Even if you aren't wondering anything, or don't need to get anything off your chest, you will still find some amazing facts from Weezy and Jenni that will leave you wondering more questions! Mind= BLOWN! 😁


This is one of the best apps I have. Everyone on it is super nice, and doesn't judge you, and they're really good friends. I'm really happy I got it, and I wish there were more apps like this. Thank you very much for making the app!! :D


This app is wonderful. If I could give it 100 stars, I would. Getting advice here is awesome. Everybody wants to help and is so supportive. Not just Weezy, but all the users. No one will judge you and you will never be made fun of. The app is moderated too, so it is a safe and positive environment. And not only can you get wonderful advice, you can also talk with people like you, give advice to others, express yourself, and find friends. Download it!!! You will be so glad you did.


I love this app

Amazing Community

Just get the app already!

Love the app!

I am @hayjay2000 on the app, and I love it! I have been on this app longer, but I forgot my old password. It is so awesome to get real advice from people who actually understand you. There is a section for everything and everyone! Everyone is really nice, and I have made multiple friends on it, I love Weezy,Jenny, and Winter! The joke column is also so fun to look at, and you will enjoy writing fan fiction in the fan fiction spot. I personally love writing in columns,debating, and giving advice of course! You will have tons of fun so download it now!!

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