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Journals Out Loud: Advice Community

4.6 ( 9296 ratings )
社交 教育 娱乐
开发 Louise Palanker

Journals Out Loud is Advice, Community and Social Journaling.
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"This app is awesome!  Ive made tons of friends for life! Everyone can be themselves, ask questions, get advice, journal, chat, role play or share stories."

"Super Amazing! Journals gives you such great advice.  The kids on here are super cool and nice and I love sharing our journals!  I Loooooooveee this app.  You should get it :D

"Its such an incredible place and you can ask absolutely anything without being judged.  Its the best for getting advice, sharing your feelings, your creativity or when you just want a little love on a bad day. I think everyone should have it!!!!"
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Journals Out Loud features expert advice from Teen Specialist, Louise Palanker.

At Journals Out Loud people are talking about: life, love, guys, girls, dating, flirting, friends, bullies,  parents, school, family, LGBTQ issues, puberty, sex, fears, depression, dramas and dreams.  

And advice is just the beginning.  Here, you can share your daily journal, plus creativity, music, stories, poetry, art, photography, videos, role play and more.

Journals Out Loud is a Safe Space.  We are all about Cyber Kindness.

At Journals Out Loud, you get:

Your own profile and chat room!  Find new friends and invite them to chat in your room.

A daily, social journal. One photo. One entry. Every day. You are the journalist of your life. Make friends. Share your journals. Comment and "like" each others journal entries.   

A weekly video podcast, Journals Out Loud, featuring Louise Palanker and a panel of wise and thoughtful young people who, discuss questions coming into Journals Out Loud from you and your fellow Journalers.

* Loads of advice on every topic imaginable. 

Inside Journals Out Loud there are hundreds of thousands of questions, answers, journal entries and so much more. Start writing, reading, and making new friends today. Understand that you are not alone and join the conversation at Journals Out Loud.